Independence Flagstaff, Union Square Park

Happy Birthday, America!  Before rushing off to see the Fireworks, stop by and visit the Independence Flag Staff in the center of Union Square Park.  The flagstaff was completed in 1926 by sculptor Anthony De Francisci and commemorates the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

You can see the entire Declaration of Independence, cast in bronze, on the south side of the flagstaff.  On the west side you will see a series of reliefs depicting tyranny.  On the east, the reliefs show liberty culminating in a woman holding an infant.  Around the infant’s head are thirteen stars depicting the original colonies.  The flagpole is capped with a gilded sunburst.  Bet you didn’t know just how American our little green oasis was, did you?

Want to learn more? Take our free, 90 minute historical walking tour – EVERY Saturday at 2 PM.  Meets at the base of the Lincoln Statue outside of the playground.